Top Secret Projects / by Loren Letourneau

Is it wrong of me to have a whole list (currently a top 10) of different mostly legal projects that I want to do?  Is it wrong that the majority of them are in your face public displays of my arts affectations?  Should I share any of them before (if ever) bringing them to fruition?  I'm just a jumble of questions this evening - a state possibly brought on by realising that I'm an artist intent on striking out alone at 30.  I'm too old to be a prodigy (thank god), too old to be hip, too lacking in experience to be an old hand, too separate from the Canadian scene to be in the know... good grief. And yet, I'm crazy-passionate about the arts in general and my art in particular.  Maybe shaking things up a little is a good thing.  But not just for the shake-down's sake.

My projects have to fulfill three basic obligations: They have to be about something (as opposed to against something) They have to be nuanced (no cheap tricks/thrills) They have to be public.

The first of the criteria strengthens any message, in my opinion, and is necessary for personal resonance.  The second is the most challenging.  It implies stretching the medium and ensuring that the message matches the medium (and that it all works on several levels).  The last of the three criteria is what makes them a project per this post.  Otherwise they'd just be a new series of works or some such.

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