Art, Teaching, Limnal Spaces / by Loren Letourneau

So, I've graduated from UBC with a BEd in Secondary Art Education.  Now what? Well, getting a job / finding employment might be a nice start.  But there's more going on here than just that.  Sigh.  I'm not exactly sure how to begin this conversation.

My life splits into separate but fully integrated categories - I am a teacher, I am an artist, I am a father.  Ie - my vocation, my calling, my private life.  The three work very well together, luckily.  I love teaching, and through my teaching I am reaching out into the world and sharing potential; as a teacher I get to help nurture/guide/subvert hundreds of students so that they can approach their potential.  I can't stop being an artist as it's a part of my identity.  Art is how I express myself in the world and it's also the medium I use to communicate/argue/shout about the things that matter most to me... like my family.   My family, both extended and nuclear, is my comfort, my clan, my solace.

So now what?  I have two school districts that have promised to interview me.  I have been hired to work with a tutoring company, and there's another week ahead.  I have an art show scheduled for January 2013, I have proposals in for work with an arts collective, and I'm a busy little bee creating stuff to fill my house (and then some).  For my family, it's looking like my divorce will come to a peaceable resolution outside of the courts, and my phenomenal daughter's excited about launching into grade one.  Oh, and my wonderful girlfriend is helping me to hold myself together while the bills accumulate and life carries on.

As for limnal spaces?  There's a work that's still up along the Greenway Bicycle Corridor, spread out across Boundary Road.  It's a story in twelve panels, wheatpasted to the skytrain columns.  I love it, and will have to post it here a little later.

Over and out.