Coursework and Posting Delays / by Loren Letourneau

To all or any who might have been paying attention, this blog has been relatively quiet for something like half a year. That's far too long and there really isn't any good excuse for it except that I've been completing coursework to be accredited as a high-school art teacher. My family breathed a communal sigh of relief. ('Finally, something stable to support your daughter and partner.') Thanks for your awe-inspiring support... In related news, I get to teach art to high school students. What an amazing opportunity and what incredible trust all those developing people are giving me! Interestingly, I didn't think I was going to be all that excited about teaching in a standard/industrial institution... but I've been proven wrong. There is such intensity and potential that I can't wait to get started. The students will be in for something a little different - I hope that they'll be game.

Over and out for now - back soon.