New Year, New Look by Loren Letourneau

Don't have a lot of new things to put in here, but expect that to change rather rapidly.  I'm going on a bit of an art binge - going to try out some daily practice, and I have three pretty big projects in the works.  

In the meantime I've changed things to look a little prettier.  Hope you like!

Prepping for a show... by Loren Letourneau

Actually, the title's a little off-base.  I am preparing for a show - but the show's already mostly up... this is just a bit of a side-bar.

These prints are going to be showing up along Main Street in Vancouver.  I wonder if anyone will notice...

block prints hung out to dry

and a few more

New Site by Loren Letourneau

Every now and then, we have to try something new out to stay fresh.  Heard a quote attributed to Buckminster-Fuller: If you know what you're doing, you're wasting your time.  I like it, and am living by it with this new website iteration.

Squarespace!  You have pulled me into your semi-proprietary web with the tantalising suggestion of pretty gallery spaces and easy uploading... now it's time to see whether the truth matches the rumours.