There once was a bird who resisted...

Loren Letourneau is a passionate artist who works out of a little studio in Vancouver's Downtown East Side.  He went to the University of Alberta, so he can do art, but he's still a little confused as to what exactly that means.  A little while ago, he threw out his formal art practice and started taking on projects that were fun, unstuffy, and not particularly lucrative.  Not that he's got anything against money, nor does he particularly subscribe to a starving artist cliche.  So if you feel like sending money his way, there (will be.. this site's under development) is a little button at the top that you can click to donate.  

You might find evidence of his work adorning walls, shops, fenceposts or the like.  He's also got his claws into a dark speculative fiction magazine, Black Spec, as co-founder and co-editor.  

He's a teacher in Coquitlam, he's a father, he's (soon-to-be) a husband and he's passionate about life, learning and birds.

And to finish the limerick:
There once was a Bird who resisted.
But it wasn't his mind that was twisted.
For the world's gone astray,
with its tchotchkes and pay.
Time for play, time for art, & real riches.